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Offers New, Secure, User Friendly Services

Now end users can update any of their alarm system information in real time.

Change zone information, alarm dispatch notes or phone numbers.

Setup instant emails & texts alerts with alarm information in real time.

Place alarms on test and review any of your alarm activity online.

Remote alarm system arming and disarming is now possible.

Cancel your phone lines by changing to Internet or Cellular Services.


  • To check if your Alarm Dealer has subscribed to allow your account access to the new GoToMyAlarm service, select the "NEW Platform tab" and then attempt to log in with your existing log-in credentials.  

  • If you are denied access, you are not subscribed to this new service and you will need to start over and select the"LEGACY Platform tab".

  • If you would like to see a sample of the NEW Platform, select the "TEST DRIVE tab" and follow the instructions.


  • If you are a DEALER or a SUBSCRIBER and do not yet have access to the NEW Platform, your welcome to request access to the new user friendly GoToMyAlarm service by completing the form below.

  • Dealers that cannot log into the NEW Platform must Log-in through the DEALER LOG-IN TAB.





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